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2016年6月17日 (金)

causing accidental exposures

With the launch of a new surveillance system, the school has seen a much more positive atmosphere and almost no students use their cellphones, sleep or whisper in class any longer. This is the remarkable result achieved by Wuchang University of Technology ever since a monitoring system was put into use starting in March2015.


The surveillance system cost Wuchang University of Technology, in central China's Hubei province, over 6 million yuan. It covers the whole campus including every classroom, lab and even the dormitories. The high-definition videos make the real-time situation occurring in every class room very clear: if teachers give lessons while sitting or just repeat what the book says, and whether students are late or leave early, are using smart phones or sleep, it will all be captured in detail by this system .


Teachers and students will be punished or criticized if they are found guilty of such disciplinary-violating situations. More than 100 faculty members have been arranged to check the surveillance videos in turn.


"It helps for classroom management, to strictly ensure the quality of each lesson and it puts pressure on students to develop good study habits", said Sun Yi, quality mentor of the business school at the university .


"We can know about the students in class via the videos, if they violate disciplinary measures, we will talk with them and help them to study better", added Sun.


Since the launch of the move during the past more than one year, the classroom discipline has improved significantly and a more positive atmosphere of learning has been created. There are almost no students sleeping and using cellphones any longer, according to Yu Chengqing, a professor at the university.


From not be willing to adapt to gradually accepting it, Yan Yue, a student of the university said," in the beginning, we felt a little uncomfortable, but found it was helpful to our studies. The classroom discipline is better now and enthusiasm for learning has also improved."


But there are also students that hold different views. A student, surnamed Huang, has reported to the school that the cameras in the dormitories have made female students feel awkward. Another student, surnamed Zhang, believed that the winter is slightly better, in summer, they wear less and it is very easy to get pictured partially nude thus causing accidental exposures, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reports _Victoria (Upper Kornhill) Nursery - established playgroup programme in Hong Kong since 2010. English and Chinese speaking playgroup hk staff will interact with students to create a bilingual learning atmosphere..

« my stare was locked | トップページ | Marija told him he had »





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« my stare was locked | トップページ | Marija told him he had »